Every girl should own a blazer. You never know when you will have need of one. This blazer comes in black. The velvety look of the fabric will leave people with a desire to touch it, and make you feel soft and womanly. The collar starts right after the shoulder. The two pockets on the bottom sides will be a perfect spot for change. The blazers are perfect for a day at the office, but can also be worn while out shopping, to an interview, or to church. There are many situations where a blazer is the perfect thing to wear. They are necessary for so many functions! This blazer will slim you down with its sleek lines and contoured shape. The back is pleated at the bottom and taken in at the waist. You will not look like you are wearing a sack from behind, as most blazers tend to look.




S, M, L, XL


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Black Blazer – Velvety L...


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